About Us


The journey began around 5 decades back when our founder Usman Ismail set out with his family to create a company that extended their family values and traditions in their business. He was joined in this effort by his able sons. Their hard work and passion paid off and today Usman Group spearheaded by Usman International is joined under the umbrella by two companies operating in United Arab Emirates, another two in South Korea and another two in Pakistan.

Current Operations

The Group is handling 1300 forty feet’ containers annually through its various subsidiaries while a major chunk is handled by Usman International.

In May 2008, we started sorting original rags at Usman International and the operation quickly grew so that we are sorting at our maximum capacity of 400 Mtons per month. We have also undertaken a major expansion project that will see the capacity of sorting increase to 600 Mtons per month by May 2010.

Even today we stay true to values of our founder by supplying our customers on priority basis with good quality at affordable prices.

Time Line:

1960s – Haji Usman Ismail started from modest beginnings in Pakistan
2000- Moved out of traditional Market and Started our Operations in Sharjah, UAE
2003- Expansion and moved to Saif Zone and established our flagship Usman International FZC
2015- Started Branch in Gwangju, South Korea, GTWORLD

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